How An Olympian (& His Fans) Conquered a Twitter Troll.

Trolls - the types who socially send hateful messages and pick fights. Well, if you’ve ever experienced a troll, you will love what happened today - and more importantly, how British Olympic diver Tom Daley’s fans had his back.

After not medaling in the men’s synchronized diving championships - Daley started receiving vile tweets from @Rileyy_69, one that references Daley’s late father:

Daley’s father, whom he credits as his inspirtation, died of a brain tumor last year.

So, Daley decided to respond to this troll:

The troll’s giggles didn’t last long.

Within minutes, the hate from nearly 22,000 Daley fans heated up, leading to an uprising and started the hashtag, "#GetRileyy_69Banned."

Even The Sky News reported it.  

When @Rileyy_69 realized he had become the most hated troll on Twitter today, he put his tail between his legs and apologized for this cybernated slop:

Isn’t that funny?

Tom Daley used Twitter to thank his fans for having his back over this hateful heckler:

It was great to see Tom Daley use Twitter to trounce a troll and an excellent example of what fans will do when you’ve fostered motivated relationships, socially.

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